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What Turns You On?

October 20, 2011

I was going to write about the birth of my child today, but since I wrote yesterday about something that was pretty heavy, and the material for the day before yesterday was also pretty serious, I figured I would do something fun today (and something that kind of relates to yesterday’s post).

I was driving to work this morning, listening to a particular talk radio station, and they were posing to their listeners the question…what turns you on?  People would call in, saying that it was seeing their man doing laundary that turned them on, etc., and this experience of listening to the responses these people were calling in to say only emphasized even more how different I am from other people.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am a very passionate person.  I am passionate about a lot of things.  When I am in a relationship, yes, I like to be passionate with and about that person.  I don’t think that necessarily means I have to have sex with him, but I am passionate, nonetheless.

But getting turned on?  This is a different topic for me alltogether.  I am often turned on by inanimate objects.  Two examples I can think of right off the top of my head are water and heights.  By water, I mainly mean bodies of water, etc., not a glass of water sitting on my desk.  No, I will not be looking at a glass of water sitting on my desk for me to drink and get turned on by it.  But bodies of water just excite me endlessly, and it is the same way with heights.

I guess if a man took me to a great height, that might be the way that this would apply.  It would especially intrigue me if he had previously been scared of heights, because that is another thing that a man could do that would actually turn me on…something that he does for me, because he is interested in me, that is out of his comfort zone.  When everything is going great, and everybody’s happy, and everyone is in place and where they are supposed to be, it is easy for everybody to be comfortable and feel like everything is right and great and going really well.  But it is when you are out of your comfort zone that your true colors show.

And I am not talking about someone who is scared to death of heights.  I don’t think it would be attractive to me for someone to be clinging onto me for dear life, and risking knocking either me and/or himself from a great height because he is scared to death.  I’m just talking about if they may be a little bit afraid of it.

Another thing about men in particular that I have found turns me on, is when a man is a good father.  I remember in my youth never really being that attracted to Brad Pitt.  I am sure he is handsome and that lots of women find him to be HOT, but he never really did anything for me…until this point in my life when I recognize the aphrodisiac that is men being a good father and he actually became a father.  When I see pictures of him and his kids, it makes me melt, just like when I see any man with his kids being a good father to those kids.  I don’t know what it is, but is a very attractive thing when a man is a good father to his kids.  I respect the relationships that those men have with the women who are the mothers of those kids, but it is most definitely a turn on, to say the least.  🙂


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