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Call For Inclusion, National Novel Writing Month

October 27, 2011

I haven’t written in awhile, it seems, as the past few days have been busy for me, mainly in my personal life. As you read this blog, you will probably begin to get an idea as to why. So, i have been told that next month, November, is National Novel Writing Month. I have been throwing around the idea of doing it, since I do tend to write quite a bit. I am thinking I will start a completely different blog (including new account) to do it, though.

I currently have three completely different plots/ideas bouncing around in my head right now to choose from. There is one that is pretty much topping the rest, but if I choose this one, I would like some input.

I would like for any of you out there who are reading this to send me your marriage stories…stories about your marriage. Please change the names, especially if you feel the need to to protect the identity of those mentioned, and you are at liberty to change the details, too, especially if your story has strongly identifying details. Heck, you can change and/or makeup the whole story if you would like, but I would just like your stories.  You can include any part of the story leading up to the proposal, why you said yes, some of the things that contributed to you saying yes, and the story of the actual proposal itself.   If I choose yours and I end up publishing this thing, and money is made off of it, I will of course provide you with your share. I’m not looking to make any money off of this, and probably won’t. Quite honestly, if I get any benefit out of this, it will simply be the benefit of me being able to make a decision in my personal life that I am struggling with right now.

If you would like to help me out here, you can just leave a comment here, or you can email it to me.  Thanks!

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